Nomination Packet:

The Nomination Packet shall consist of a Nomination Form and Nomination Criteria Sheet completed by the Nominator.  Deadline for receipt of completed Nomination Packet is TBD


      Reminder: Only people who's names have been submitted to the committee with a completed         

      Nomination packet will be considered. If you want someone to be considered, complete a packet.

     It is not the Nominating committee's responsibility to propose candidates.

Statement of Support:

Once a Nomination Packet has been received, others may submit a Statement of Support on behalf of the Candidate. The Statement of Support should be 500 words or less. Include Candidate's name, Your name, and your contact phone number or email and any information you wish to include in support of the Candidate. Deadline for receipt of Statements of Support is TBD

Note that a Statement of Support is not a vote.

Mail Statements of Support to:

     PLHS Alumni/Kim Moore

     3326 Fenelon St                 

     San Diego, CA 92106

Selection Process:

  •  Completed Nomination Packets will be accepted until the deadline. Packets received after the  deadline may be considered in a different year.

  •  All Nomination Packets will be reviewed for completion by the Screening Panel who may      contact Nominators for additional information/input.

  •  A list of Candidates will be published at and via 

        Alumni News  email.

  •  Statements of Support (500 words or less) will be accepted until TBD

  •  These endorsements will be taken into consideration by the Selection Panel.

  •  Past inductees will be invited to participate in the Selection Process.

  •  The Selection Panel shall select this year’s Inductees and notify each by mail and telephone.


Screening/Selection Panel:

Shall consist of Alumni who have demonstrated interest in maintaining the legacy and history of PLHS by active involvement with their class and/or PLHS, and who demonstrate the ability to remain unbiased. Past inductees will be invited to participate in the Selection Process. Past and present PLHS school administrators, coaches, and staff may be considered as panelists or asked to provide background information.