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PLHS Alumni Hall of Fame 2023

PLHS Alumni will soon induct new members to the Alumni Hall of Fame (HOF). If you have someone in mind who you feel would be a good candidate for consideration it is up to you to make that happen. Please carefully read the instructions below. Link to the Nomination form is below.

Only those Alumni for whom we have received a completed Nomination Form prior to the deadline will be considered.

    *The HOF Committee does not nominate from within.*

A Nomination is not a guarantee that someone will be inducted. There is a limited number of new members for each induction event. The Selection Panel will review and discuss all nominees and make the final determinations.


   Honor our Alumni
eserve our Legacy
Inspire the next generation of Pointers

HOF 2023 Nominations
Those wishing to propose a Nominee to the Hall of Fame must return a completed Nomination Form prior to the deadline. No exceptions to the deadline date!

The person submitting the Nomination Form need not be an Alumnus of PLHS (may be family, friend, teacher, etc.). Nominees may self-submit. Only one nomination per year per Nominator will be accepted.

The Nominator may solicit one or more Statements of Support from others to augment the Nominee's Packet. Statements of Support can be submitted after the Nomination Form. (See Statements of Support at the end of the Nomination Form.)


All Nomination Forms must be received by June 20, 2023

There will be no exceptions to the deadline date.


Nomination Forms can be completed and submitted online or printed and sent by mail. Information for submitting is at the bottom of the Nomination Form.

Criteria for Nomination:

The following criteria is carefully weighed when considering each Nominee. Achievements and Awards should be verifiable.

Nominee must have graduated from PLHS at least 10 years ago. (Exception for Former Staff category.)

Nominee shall have made significant achievements or noteworthy contributions in one or more of the following:

o Their chosen field
o Professional or volunteer service
o Society on a local, national, or international level
o Point Loma High School and/or the Pointer community.

Nominee shall have demonstrated outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership.

Nominee should represent a positive role model who will inspire students and future alumni of PLHS in the pursuit of their careers, community involvement, and interactions with others.

Nominee may be nominated posthumously.


Nomination Categories (some may overlap, others may be added by Selection Panel):

  • Academics

  • Athletics

  • Arts/Entertainment

  • Service to School/Local Community

  • Professional/Military

  • Philanthropy/Humanitarian

  • Science/Medicine

Special Categories

  • Former Staff (Alive or Posthumous)

  • Good Samaritan: Alumnus who has gone above and beyond for family, community and school, and continues to demonstrate Pointer Alumni Spirit in their life.

Screening/Selection Panel:

Shall consist of Alumni who have demonstrated interest in maintaining the legacy and history of PLHS by active involvement with their class and/or PLHS, and who demonstrate the ability to remain unbiased. Past inductees will be invited to participate in the Selection Process. Past and present PLHS school administrators, coaches, and staff may be considered as panelists or asked to provide background information.

Selection Process:

       Completed Nomination Forms will be accepted until June 20,


       All Nomination Forms will be reviewed for completion by the               Selection Panel, who may contact Nominators for additional                 information/input.

       Statements of Support (500 words or less) must be hand signed         and will be accepted by USPS mail only, until July 30, 2023.                 These endorsements will be taken into consideration by the                 Selection Panel.

       The Selection Panel will determine this year’s Inductees and will           notify each Inductee by mail and telephone. The panel will also            notify all Nominators of their decisions. Nominees not inducted          this year may be eligible for re-nomination in the future.

The formal Induction Ceremony will happen at the 100th Birthday Gala celebration for PLHS. (Date to be determined.) A less formal induction event may be held in advance of the Gala.

Important Dates

May 20, 2023   Nominations are open.

June 20, 2023   Deadline for Nomination Forms to be                                              submitted.

July 30, 2023    Deadline for Statements of Support to be                                      received by the Selection Panel

TBD                   Selected HOF Inductees will be notified by                                  email or USPS.  Nominators will be notified of                                the status of the list of Inductees will be                                      posted.  

Click to see prior Inductees to the PLHS Hall of Fame

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