Point Loma High School 

Alumni Hall of Fame


Please read all instructions before downloading Nomination packet (at bottom of page.)

Refer to the Timeline for important deadlines and dates.


How to Nominate

Those wishing to propose a Hall of Fame Candidate must return a completed Nomination Packet  (includes Nomination Form and Nomination Criteria) prior to the deadline date. Nominations received after the deadline may be considered for a later induction.




  • Individuals proposing a Candidate need not be an Alumnus of PLHS (may be family, friend, teacher, etc.)

  • A person may only nominate one person in any HOF year.

  • Self-nominations will be accepted but Statements of Support are highly recommended in those cases.

  • Anonymous Nomination Packets will not be accepted. However, if you wish to remain anonymous to the nominee and/or the public the committee can do that.


Statements of Support:

Once a Candidate has been proposed, others may submit Statements of Support (not to exceed 500 words) which will become part of the Candidate’s Nomination Packet.

Click here for info on where to send Statement of Support.


Nomination Criteria:

Candidates shall be nominated based on exemplary achievement that brings positive recognition and/or honor to Point Loma High School. Achievements should be objective and verifiable, not based on opinion, popularity, sympathy, or financial contributions alone.


  • Candidate must have graduated from PLHS at least 10 years ago.

  • Candidate shall have made significant achievements in his/her chosen field                           and/or professional or volunteer service, and/or made noteworthy contributions to society on a local, national, or international level. 

  • Candidate shall have demonstrated outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership.

  • Candidate should represent a positive role model that will inspire the students                        and future alumni of PLHS in the pursuit of their careers and lifestyles.

  • Candidates may be nominated posthumously.


Nomination Categories: (Not all categories may be represented in a given inductee year.)

  • Academics

  • Athletics

  • Arts/Entertainment

  • Professional/Military

  • Philanthropy/Humanitarian

  • Science/Medicine


Special Recognition Categories that may be considered:

  • Good Samaritan: Alumnus or non-Alum who has gone above and beyond for family, community and school, and continues to show Pointer Alumni spirit in his/her life.

  • Former Staff (Alive or Posthumous)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Only people who's names have been submitted to the committee with a completed Nomination packet will be considered. If you want someone to be considered, complete a packet. It is not the Nominating committee's responsibility to propose candidates.