Nominations for 2020 will be open soon!

Forms are being updated. Please do not download or submit form until this note is removed from site!

Nomination Packets must be printed and mailed to the committee. 

At this time there is no online submission.


 Point Loma High School Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations FAQ


Application Deadline:  TBD

Note that there are no exceptions to the deadline date!


Below is the information that is asked for in the Nominating Packet.

    This page is for info only.                      to print and complete the packet.

Nominator info:

Nominator Name, Grad year (It is not mandatory to be an alum in order to nominate.)

Contact Information: Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email

Nominator’s prior/current relationship to Candidate

(ie: Friend, relative, teammate, committee member, business partner, self, etc)

Candidate Info:

Indicate which Nomination Category (or Categories) Candidate is qualified for:

     ☐Academics      ☐Athletics      ☐Arts/Entertainment      ☐Professional/Military 

                   ☐Philanthropy      ☐Science/Medicine   ☐Good Samaritan  ☐Former Staff 

     ☐Is Candidate deceased

Candidate Last Name, Last Name at Graduation, First Name, Middle Initial

PLHS Graduation year - or years on staff. (Candidates must be PLHS alumni or PLHS former Staff)

Contact Information: Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email


Nomination Criteria questions:  

This information is to be completed by the person nominating the Candidate and submitted with the Nomination Form

prior to the deadline.

Each question, if relevant, should be answered as completely as possible keeping answers to under 150 words each. 

You may also send a resume in addition to this info.

  1. Why is this Candidate worthy of the PLHS Alumni Hall of Fame?  What specific criteria stand out in your mind?

  2. Did this person exhibit any special talent/qualities during his/her time as a student at PLHS?

  3. Career/Avocation:  Please indicate special qualities/leadership skills that this Candidate has exhibited in his or her life’s work or personal endeavors that distinguishes him/her as outstanding.

  4. Special Honors/Awards/Recognition: Please list any special recognition this person received at PLHS or has received at the local, state, national or international level?

  5. Personal Information:  List Candidate’s interests, hobbies, and family information.

  6. Do you have any anecdotal or humorous stories about the Candidate (from high school, friendship, business affiliation) that others might enjoy?

  7. Please include any additional information that would benefit the Selection Panel.

Nomination Packet (Nomination Form with Nomination Criteria) should be printed, completed, signed and mailed no later than TBD

Mail to: 

              PLHS Alumni HOF c/o Kim Moore

             3326 Fenelon St

             San Diego, CA 921076

Statement of Support (500 words or less)

Once the complete Nomination Packet has been submitted, others who wish to provide additional information in     

support of this Candidate may submit a Statement of Support (500 words or less) to the address above.  Statements of

Support must be received by TBD. Please include Candidate's Name, Your Name, and your contact phone number and email.

Info you will need to Nominate