Hall of Fame Members

    Inducted 2015

Bob Magnusson

1964 (Music)

La'Roi Glover 

1992 (Athletics)

David Wells 

1982  (Athletics/Philanthropy)  

Carlos LeGerrette

1961 (Philanthropy/Community Service)    

Asa Dan Morton 

1975 (Sci/Med/Philanthropy)

James Wiesler 

1945 (Professional/Business)    

Albert Frowiss

1957 (Sci/Med/Philanthropy)    

Dan Larsen

1945 (Professional/Community Service   

Carleton Bingham 

1946 (Professional/Sci/Med)   

Steve Waterman

 1969 (Science/Medicine)    

Jeffrey Bennett

1976 (Sci/Academics)   

Larry Zeiger 

Staff 1974-2007 (Honorary)   

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